Preschool sessions with Amanda and Fred the Cat*

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my sessions online.

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I specialise in interactive storytelling for young children and have been taking my sessions into preschools for over 10 years.


All my Preschool Sessions are highly interactive and combine a lively mixture of storytelling, music, movement, make-believe and drama.

They are fantastic for speech and language development and strengthen listening and communication skills.

They are an exciting way to engage young children and to inspire creativity.

All sessions are devised by myself and can be tailored to suit any setting.


What you say:

'Thank-you Amanda. It is lovely to see the way the children's faces light up when you tell them stories.'

'Just wanted to thank you for running such a wonderful group. You bring to life everyone's sense of wonder and fun (including the grown-ups!)'

What to Expect: 

Sessions always begin and end the same way, so children quickly become engaged and comfortable to join in.


I have a little black cat puppet called Fred. He is friendly and gentle.

Children love Fred and Fred loves stories.

Fred introduces the theme or story for the session either with a book or with his story baskets.

This is then explored with music and movement using rhymes, familiar songs, make-believe and early years drama.

Sessions are based either on popular picture books and classic tales or tailored to compliment any learning themes the children are enjoying within your setting.

Sessions are very visual and the children enjoy using a variety of props and percussion instruments.




Regular Sessions:

Regular sessions last 45 mins

Sessions cost: £50 per session.

Regular sessions can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even once a term.


Junk modelling Creative Sessions:

If your setting are fans of Junk modelling, then I also offer creative sessions which link junk modelling with storytelling.

Sessions last One Hour and 15 mins and cost £80 per session.


One off Events:

If I do not attend your preschool regularly, but you would like me to come in for a Special Event or Party. A session will cost  £100 (For a 45 minute session).


Please note for settings over 10 miles away from my base in Andover, I charge travel @ 35p per mile.

For more information and to contact me please click here.


Weekly Under 4's

Merry-go-Round Parent and Carer sessions with Amanda and Fred the Cat at The Lights Theatre in Andover*

*My weekly sessions are currently online!

They are still as interactive and engaging as ever and are great for imaginative play in the comfort of your front room!

Sessions are taking place on Wednesdays at 9.30am.

What you say:

'.....the highlight of our lockdown week!'

(Iggy and Rai's mummy)

Please email me for the link!

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Fred is a very friendly Cat puppet who lives in a magic hat. Children love Fred and Fred loves reading. Fred introduces the children to the themes and books we explore in the sessions. Merry-go-Round Storytelling sessions are highly interactive and fun. They provide a positive and friendly environment for both parents/carers and the children.

What to expect:

STORYTELLING AND RHYMES - Great for speech and language development

MUSIC AND MOVEMENT - Develops co-ordination and listening skills

MAKE-BELIEVE - Inspires creativity, empathy and thinking skills

PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS - Enables independent choice and new ways to make sound

PROPS AND PUPPETS - Encourages imaginative play

GROUP ACTIVITY - Builds confidence in a fun, friendly environment

THEMED SESSIONS - Based on early learning goals, increases knowledge and understanding.

What you say:

"Just wanted to thank you for running such a wonderful group. You bring to life everyone's sense of wonder and fun (including the grown-ups!)"

Storytelling Workshops

for 1-5 Years olds.

I run regular holiday workshops for little people at The Lights Theatre in Andover.

My storytelling workshops for 1-5 years last one hour and children are accompanied by an adult.

Based on Traditional Tales, Classic Books and Seasonal themes, these lively interactive workshops are a fun introduction to storytelling using music, movement, drama and lots of imagination.

Sessions sometimes involve a craft element which links to the workshop theme or story.

Information can be found via The Lights website (Whats on):

For more information and to contact me please click here.

If you would like me to run an Interactive  Storytelling Workshop  at your holiday group, club or venue.......Please get in touch. 

I'm a troll fol- de- roll! Great fun at

Merry-go-Round Storytelling workshops are great for Special Events like Book Week or Christmas