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Test Valley Tales

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From dragons and magical fish to enchanted trees and spectral horses, 'Test Valley Tales' brings the stories and legends of this beautiful borough to life through the Test Valley Tales illustrated book of short stories and its associated podcast.

With 10 story locations to choose

from to visit, families can immerse

themselves in the stories as they

enjoy the wonderful walks and

picturesque places Test Valley

has to offer. 

To buy the Test Valley Tales Book

If you are interested in booking a talk, story walk, storytelling event or book signing, or generally becoming involved with the project,

then please email Amanda:

Amanda Kane-Smith storytelling at Romsey Festival
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About the Project
Illustration of a bird

The Project story

Amanda Kane-Smith looking over the top of a book in the woods

                 In 2019 Test Valley Arts Foundation asked for project submissions to celebrate Test Valley

as part of their 2020 Borough of Culture Festival.

I thought, what better way to celebrate this beautiful part of the world than through its stories! 

Then 2020 arrived, and the World went into lockdown amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

Things were inevitably put on hold.

Patience bore out and, in January 2021, I was thrilled

to be awarded an Arts Council National Lottery Grant

for 'Test Valley Tales', and for it to be one of 

Test Valley Arts Foundation's

Borough of Culture Legacy Projects.

Test Valley Tales is an integrated project of three parts:

An illustrated book of short stories

A storytelling podcast

School storytelling workshops.

For the project, I have researched and re-imagined ten stories, and linked them to ten locations in the Test Valley borough area.

Based on traditional folk tales and legends,

the stories bring Test Valley to life, 

revealing some wonderful places of interest

for families to visit.

I hope the book and its associated podcast

will encourage you to go out and find the story


And if it is already one of your favourite places,

I hope its story will enable you to explore

the area with fresh eyes.

Amanda Kane-Smith discovering the Test Valley walks

Project Collaborators

The Book

Maija Liepins and Susan Merrick sitting in the woods

Artists, Maija Liepins and Susan Merrick have created original artwork for the book, taking inspiration from both the stories and their locations.

The Magic Fish of Mottisfont artwork by Susan Merrick
Bog Fairy in a Carrot Seed Skirt artwork by Maija Liepins

The Podcast

Paul Sartin playing an Oboe

Composer/Folk musician, Paul Sartin has created original music for the podcast, as well as sourcing traditional music from the Hampshire Country Dance Tunes of the Pyle family manuscript of 1822 to complement the story themes and locations.


All music was recorded locally at WildGoose Studios in Wherwell.

The Stories

Illustration of stories from Test Valley Tales book

While Test Valley already has some traditional folk tales and legends attached to it for example,

‘The Cockatrice of Wherwell', 'The Deadman's Plack of Harewood Forest' and ‘The Ghost Vicar of Vernham Dean', there are many great locations which aren't currently linked to stories.

For these I have sourced traditional folk tales and fables from elsewhere and used them as the inspiration to create a new story for Test Valley.

The Test Valley Tales stories are therefore a combination of re-imagining stories that already exist and creating new ones for the future.

All stories celebrate the beautiful landscape of

Test Valley. 

Podcast Anchor
A Kissing Gate and Leaves

Test Valley Tales Podcast

The Test Valley Tales podcast is a free resource.

It is a Storytelling Podcast and I hope, as well as listening at home, people may like to listen to the stories when visiting their locations. 

Each episode features one of the tales told by myself followed by a few story facts and an interview with someone who has a link to the story in some way. 

This link may be the story itself, the story location or one of the story themes.

I have been lucky enough to chat to some fascinating people, learning some amazing and curious facts along the way.


Each tale has been bought to life with sounds and music.

Folk musician and composer, Paul Sartin has also created some wonderful folk tunes to accompany the tales, as well as sourcing local music originally recorded at Wildgoose Records in Wherwell taken from the Pyle Family manuscript of Hampshire Dance Tunes of 1822. 

Interviewees include:

'The Deadman's Plack of Harewood Forest' - Historian Elizabeth Norton, where we discuss the role of Elfrida in the story and how being a strong women in Saxon England has skewed how she is generally written about.

(This is a great episode for anyone interested in early English history, the role of women in history, or school projects about medieval history).

'The Baker's Daughter of Amport'- Tom Morath from The Hawk Conservancy Trust. during which Tom alongside 'Troy' the Trusts famous (and very chatty) tawny owl tells me some fascinating facts about owls. (As well as facts about owls, this episode has a Shakespearean link with the story being refenced by Ophelia in Hamlet).

'The White Trout of Stockbridge' - Maggie Shelton from Watercress and Winterbournes (Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust), where we discuss our unique chalk streams, their history and their importance for the area. (This is a great episode for anyone interested in chalk streams, their environment and biodiversity, and how we can get involved and help to protect them for the future).

'The Feuding Farmers of Harmony Woods' - Wendy Davis from Andover Tress United, where we discuss the creation of a new woodland here in Hampshire and its importance for the local community. (This episode has strong environmental themes, its great for school projects and anyone with an interest in the environment).

For a full list of interviews and story themes, please visit the dashboard on Podbean by following the link below.


The Test Valley podcast is hosted on Podbean:

It can be also be found on all your favourite listening sites including Spotify, iTunes etc.

To listen to a Test Valley Tale, please Click on the player below.

Or search for 'Test Valley Tales' on the Podbean app, the iTunes Podcast app, Spotify and most other podcast apps.

Book Anchor
Close-up of Test Valley Tales book cover

The Test Valley Tales Book

'Test Valley Tales is both a beautiful book and a useful resource for anyone curious to explore this fascinating part of the country, while learning about its history and folklore.' 


It was a joy to write this book and to discover and

retell these wonderful tales. 

'Test Valley Tales' is suitable for ages 7 - 107.

The stories are full of magic and wonder and are

aimed at families, and anyone interested in

folktales and legends, history and folklore.


Choosing to set each story firmly in a real location

gave me the opportunity to find a variety of new

places to explore in Test Valley.

My aim is that when you read these stories, you will

want to go out and explore these places for yourself

and I hope the inclusion of historical facts, local folklore, and interesting curiosities after each story, will give you a fresh perspective and interest to your walks in the area.

The book also includes links to the story crafts found here on my website. 

The original limited edition Test Valley Tales book has sold out, however a new paperback edition is now available to buy.

As well as reading the stories at home, the paperback is perfect to pop in a rucksack and take with you on story walks and adventures.

To buy the paperback from my website, please click the link. 

The Test Valley Tales book

Working with artists Maija Liepins and Susan Merrick on the book, has been really inspiring. Their artwork has been informed both by my words and the story location.

I was keen for the book to have a contemporary feel so the stories did not feel stuck in a place long ago or far way. I hope the reader can imagine something magical like this could happen to them.

Maija and Susan have used a combination of digital and mixed media techniques. This has enabled them to express the folklore and magic in the stories while keeping them current and relevant. 

Prints of Maija and Susan's artwork are also available to buy at:

Maija Liepins:

Susan Merrick:

Map Anchor
Test Valley Tales map artwork by Maija Liepins

Test Valley Tales Map and Walks

To download the Test Valley Tales Map with postcodes for all the story locations, please click here

To download a list of websites with suggested walks for the locations, please click here. (I will be updating this list and adding some of my own favourites as and when I discover them!) 

Crafts anchor
Leaf Drawing by Maija Liepins

Test Valley Tales Story Crafts

I have created some simple crafts to link in with the stories. All crafts are designed to be made with simple materials I hope most people will have at home. I have also made sure to include some crafts which do not need a printer. 

The Ghost Vicar of Vernham Dean - How to make a Posy 

All you will need for this craft is an A4 piece of paper, some pens, scissors, glue and a piece of string. To watch my 'How to make a Posy' video, please click here.

The Baker's Daughter of Amport - Owl Mask

For my printable Owl mask template. Please click here.

The Cockatrice of Wherwell - Simple Cockatrice Puppet

To download my puppet template. Please click here.

The Magic Fish of Mottisfont - Magic Fish Puppet

All you need for this craft is an A4 pice of card, some pens, scissors and glue. To watch my 'How to make a Magic Fish' video', please click here.

The Enchanted Flute of Sadler's Mill - Enchanted Flute

This flute is made out of a piece of paper and actually works! To watch my 'How to make an Enchanted Flute video', please click here. 

Green and blue gradient

We are keen to have lots of community involvement with the project.

If you are interested in becoming involved or would like further information.

Please contact me directly at:

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