Online Storytelling

My storytelling is now available online and can be a fantastic option for schools, preschools, parties, events or organisations who are looking for an interesting way to engage children.

Sessions can be delivered live or


My live sessions are highly interactive and I have a variety of story themes to choose from. Simple puppet or mask making can be included as part of the storytelling session. 

I have been thrilled to see how well this kind of storytelling has worked throughout 2020 and hope it will be a new and exciting way to share stories in the future.

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"We have been to many events run by Merry-go-Round Storytelling and each one has been as wonderful as the last.

Amanda is so engaging and enthusiastic and I am always amazed at how she is able to hold the attention of even the smallest children, They all have so much fun.

We have recently had a Zoom Birthday Party for my daughter who was 5 with more than 30 of her friends online, which was absolutely wonderful.

An engaging story with music, songs and actions. Thank you Amanda."


Online Stories and 'How to make' Videos on YouTube

Online storytelling is becoming more and more popular and so I am currently in the process of creating a YouTube Channel where you will be able to access stories from home, in school or anywhere you wish!

On YouTube you will find storytelling videos as well as my 'How to make' videos which show the simple props, puppets and characters I create to go alongside my storytelling and I will be introducing more regular content soon.

Please click on the link for videos and to subscribe:

Online Events

During the Coronavirus Crisis, I have been lucky enough to work with a number of organisations and charities to produce online storytelling which can be accessed at home or in school.

If you would like me to contribute to an event or even create an online storytelling event for you, please do get in touch!

Here is an example of one of the interactive stories I created for the 'Four Fun Fridays' 2020 Summer events in Andover.

With it there is an accompanying 'How to make'  video which showed the children how they could make a simple paper hat to use during the storytelling.