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After School

drama, craft and performance groups for 6 to 11 year olds 

My after school drama clubs offer a unique introduction into all that goes into putting on a play, from drama and dance, to costume and set making and everything in between. 

 So, what will we do each week?




Each week we play drama games and run fun drama activities as well as exploring different kinds of performance skills. The children will be learning lines, rehearsing and working through scenes as we head towards our show.

Music and Dance

We build up simple dance and movement sequences over the weeks.

The children also learn simple songs and dance routines to include in our show.

Set and Craft

It’s not all about performance!

Most weeks the children will produce some form of craft. These may be props, backdrops for our set, masks or costumes for our show. Some crafts will be quick and simple, others may take the form of a project and be produced over a few weeks and the children can take home many of the lovely things they have created after their performance. All the crafts are included in the cost of the group.


The technicians of a show are just as important as the performers! So, we will also explore other ways of telling our story to the audience.


The groups emphasis is on ensemble performance and the children learn to work as a team. We want every child to feel valued and where possible, we want to encourage them to try new things to gain confidence.

For more information on current venues and information about how to run an after school performance club at your school, please click here.

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What you say:

"The girls had an amazing time at PlayMakers with Amanda and Miles. They are already looking forward to next week"


"The show was amazing, everyone did so well. Brilliant job. Thanks so much to you!"


"I'm still in awe of them all, they did such a great job!! Thankyou for all your hard work.